We are catering exclusively to bochurim going into Shiur Gimmel, giving them the opportunity to maximize their last year of Mesivta to the fullest.

They will be guided in how to learn independently in preparation for Zal.


The benefits of catering solely to Shiur Gimmel Bochurim include:


 * The hanhola will be able to fully focus and invest all of their Kochos on their hatzlocha.


* The more mature environment enables staff to relate to the Bochurim on a more mature level, which can further their growth and enhance their hatzlacha. 



Our Goal is to further nurture each bochur’s interest in learning; to help them further develop a geshmak in learning Torah by teaching them necessary skills; and to guide each bochur individually in their personal growth. We aim to help bochurim become more self motivated  - (see ספר השיחות ה'תנש"א page 603) - 'שלהבת עולה מאליה'

Chinuch literally means 'dedication' as in Chanukas Hamizbe'ach. Our goal is to help each bochur dedicate himself to his unique and individual Shlichus.

There are a few ways that we plan to do this:

1) The learning will be engaging, in a way that will not only make sure that each bochur understands the subject at hand, but will also give them the skills needed to learn on their own. There will also be a strong emphasis on Halacha L'maase (hands-on).


2) We aim to help each bochur find their  במקום שליבו חפץ in Torah, and will be setting aside specific time to build and encourage that interest. 

This is obviously in addition to learning nigle and Chassidus together with everyone 

3) As we know, davening is a crucial and central part of our day. It strongly affects our Yiras Shamayim, Middos Tovos, hiskashrus etc - this is clearly pointed out in multiple sources and can be seen in practice.

However, we often daven out of routine, without realizing that in order to be able to davven in a way that really affects us internally, we need to be guided and taught how to davven properly.

Therefore, we will be having a special shiur on Pirush Hamilos - the simple meaning of the words, together with some insights of Chassidus, together with practical guidance that is relevant to Mesivta age bochurim.

4) One to one talks on a regular basis, together with meaningful group farbrengens - both with staff and various guest speakers - will definitely play a major role in each bochur’s development.


There will be Shabbatons, trips and outings on a monthly/weekly basis.

In addition there will be bicycles for each bochur for his own convenience, whether for going to the mikva in the morning, going to the store, or just biking around the Kfar during breaks.